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Dec 22, 2012 6:30pm PST
out the first floor of their home in breezy point, new york. >> you just want to be back in your home. i mean even if it's not going to be the same. >> reporter: volunteers from operation blessing are trying to make that happen. >> give me 52. days before christmas, seven of them put up insulation. an expensive job that this single mother says she just doesn't have money for right now. >> it's such a relief. such like a burden off your shoulders. fabulous that there's such kind, thoughtful people. >> reporter: the family won't be back in their house this christmas. in fact they don't expect the work to be complete here until the spring. but they say knowing others volunteered their time to make their christmas a little brighter is the best gift they could have received. they aren't the only ones getting help from operation blessing. in october sandy caused billions in damage along the east coast and devastated this waterfront community. volunteers have done more than 300 jobs like this one for the people of breezy point. >> this has been an area that's been so -- devastatingly affecte
Dec 1, 2012 6:30pm PST
. she ran all the way across new york to san francisco. a nonsmoking athlete that died from lung cancer in 2010. that inspired her teammates and best friend kelcie ran for awareness. on july 30th, a total of four months and almost 3000 miles. >> once i decided that i was going to do it i knew that i would finish. >> reporter: the run averaged about 30 miles a day, and kelcie went through 12 pairs of running shoes to shine a spotlight on cancer through rain, sleet and cold. >> there were definitely days that were super hard, you know, just the elements. 20-degree weather. >> reporter: this run raised more than $150,000 for cancer research and kelcie said her departed friend was beside her in memory and in spirit. >> we had this intense motivation which was her memory and doing this for jill. >> reporter: it remains to be seen what her next goal will be but if she was inspired by jill, she's an inspiration to others. reporting from san francisco, patrick sedio, cbs 5 >>> cbs5's high def doppler, so powerful, so accurate. live high def doppler only on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of the man pol
Dec 8, 2012 6:30pm PST
linebacker manti te'o and quarterback collin klein of kansas state. the downtown athletic club in new york, the site. >> the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is -- johnny manziel. [ cheering and applause ] >> johnny manziel. yep, johnny touchdown. of texas say and m the winner. he becomes the first freshman now he's a red shirt freshman. to win the award. notre dame linebacker manti te'o finished second. collin klein of kansas state finished third. >> grandpa, all the times we used the play in the hallway and throw the ball until we couldn't anymore. i love you with all my heart and you've inspired me to play football. to grandma i'm so sorry for all the things we broke in the house. >>> sobering news here. unbelievably for the second straight week tragedy truck the nfl. this time with the dallas cowboys. starting defensive tackle josh brent was leaving a dallas nightclub and was speeding when his car flipped over. inside was close friend jerry brown a linebacker just signed off the practice squad. brown was killed in the accident. he and his wife were expecting their first child
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3